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have you ever noticed, when someone is about to give you good advice, they start by saying “you know, I heard once…”


knowledge is strongest when its shared. we have a lot to learn from the people around us.



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I went for a walk to the grocery store and passed by a colleague. She was excited to see me and wanted to talk about my trip. I, obviously, started stringing sentences and stories together that didn’t even make sense, not being able to hide my excitement of sharing stories of Africa.

She was encouraged by my passion and excitement. She told me I should start something. I should lead groups of people to Kenya – those who want to go and experience Africa and give back, but are not entirely sure of how to do it. I realized that this is an attainable and realistic goal; to give regular people the opportunity to experience something so life changing. I want to do this one day. I think this is a realistic yearly thing to do once I have a career and some money. I’ll continue to pray into this idea.

The real question is, who wouldn’t love to experience the love of Africa? Lets take everyone.




I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I can’t even express the love for the people and the life changing relationships I’m leaving.

But I am so filled with joy. I know that we have a different connection – we love each other on a different level because we know Gods love and we want to share that with one another.

I have such deep respect for two of these great friends that I’m leaving. And I love them too much. I question why God has to put us on different ends of the earth, but I know it makes our relationship that much better.

Wow, I’ve learned so much. About God, about people, about relationships, about love. I’m so thankful for this time I’ve been given and will smile for months on end about the memories I’ve made. I’ll probably get super annoying because I won’t shut up about it.

Time to go home. I’ll be back guys šŸ˜˜


I was scrolling social media the other day when a post caught my eye. An acquaintance of mine was on a missions trip and boasting about a story of an encounter they had.

Before I continue, I would like to disclose that I fully support missions. I think the work that people do is life changing; not only for the people we are helping but also for the missionary and their heart behind their work.

However, while reading this story it seemed so simple to me. It was about a conversation with a guy who was a Christian and how they talked about God. For some reason, I was not enthralled by this story but drawn to curiously critique it.

The leading religion in South Africa is Christianity. It is difficult to find someone who doesn’t believe in God, or know the presence of him. When encountering people I don’t think we should be so surprised and shocked to find out other people are Christians. We shouldn’t marvel at the different stamdard of life they have and be shocked that they too have the accessibility to our amazing God.

This bugged me. I don’t know why I’m still stuck thinking about it. I want to see people as equal – just because someone doesn’t make the same amount of money as someone else or own the same type of clothing doesn’t stop them from having the same fulfillment in life that comes from God. It probably gives them more opportunity for it.

AfricaĀ hasĀ given me countless questions and thoughts. I can’t answer all of them, and by no means is my opinion correct. But I think this is the beginning of new perspectives and changes that could really turn my life in a new direction.

image.jpg“Am I full of myself? Nah it’s just me and my crew.”

come back

people who create drama are just disappointed with how boring their lives are. don’t let them get to you. they’re jealous.


most people are content with a trickle when they could receive a flood.

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